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Hemang Rami

Your Performance Marketing Strategist.

HND Solutions

Performance marketing with a purpose — you mint positive ROI on every dollar spent, be it Google, Bing, social media, or marketplace advertising.

Hemang Rami

Founder & CEO of HND Solutions

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The Pink Moon

What I do


As a performance marketing consultant, I strategize campaigns for brands with zero or a massive team of marketers to skyrocket customer acquisition, retention, and revenue, minimizing CAC.


I bring my 15+ years of experience in performance marketing to train individuals and corporate teams to drive their performance marketing campaigns with the right workflows and channels, maximizing ROI.


Knowledge increases when shared.” I strongly believe in this, and to give back to the community, I pen down my learnings, experiences, and experiments to help individuals and teams learn and grow.

Drive More Leads and Sales

Grow Your Online Business Strategically, and Improve Customer Retention.

“Hemang is one of the smartest Paid Ads expert I have worked with. He not only achieves the targets in a fraction of a time, but is also always curious and eager to find new ways to automate and improve existing methods. He is a great asset for any team, project or brand !.”

Advit Sahdev

Revenue and Growth Netmeds.com


“Hemang worked with us on performance marketing project from start to finish, the process with him was fairly simple and the core thing where he helped us as he took the whole part of our performance markting to himself and there was a result-driven service we were getting, I strongly recommend Hemang.”

Yash Shah

Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Clientjoy

“Hemang is a great Digital Marketing Expert, particularly Google Ads. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and committed to support our initiatives, making efforts to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to our website and generate new business. Thankyou for providing extremely efficient real time work to Okhai.”

Kirti Poonia


Kirti Ponia

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