Google Adwords Training Course in Ahmedabad- Advanced PPC Course

Google Ads from beginner to expert- Comprehensive Course in Ahmedabad

We provide PPC Training in Ahmedabad. Learn all about ad campaigns on different platforms and how to launch effectively in this course.


Our thorough PPC certification course in Ahmedabad covers both fundamental concepts and cutting-edge strategies. Our PPC certification course in Ahmedabad teaches students how to increase ROI through paid marketing, covering everything from bidding strategies and web analytics to conversion optimization and display advertising.

PPC certification course is for you if you’re just starting out in digital marketing or if you’ve had some experience and want to sharpen your skills and improve your professionalism. The course is comprehensive and covers all the information you require to excel as a Paid marketer. We start from a basic level all the way up to covering advanced strategies.

Pay per click course is structured so that you can use it as a manual to apply to your own campaigns or clients. We designed the course with practicality and usefulness as our guiding principle. In order to give you the skills to effectively manage your own account, we first focus on giving you a solid understanding of paid channels. We demonstrate how we make our own and clients accounts profitable so that you can use it as a model for your own campaigns. Planning, research, account building, and both simple and complex optimizations are included in this.


What you'll learn

1. Google Ads Strategy

– How to audit Google Ads Account
– Advanced Keyword Research Technique
– How to do Competitor Analysis?
– Ad copies tactics to try with your campaign

2. Different Types of Campaign? When and where to use?

– Search Campaign
– Display Campaign
– Shopping Campaign
– Video Campaign
– Discovery
– Performance Max

3. Tracking Campaign Performance

– Custom Parameters in tracking templates
– Tracking additional conversion events
– Choosing an attribution model
– Using third-party tracking tools

4. Optimizing Google Ads Account Performance

– Bid and Budget optimization rules
– Retargeting audience strategy
– Rules for finding negative keywords
– Dynamic text on landing pages

5. Best Practices

– Ecommerce
– How to generate leads through Google Ads

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Course Certificate

Pay Per Click Certification Courses begins with the explanation of Paid Channels and how it has come into prominence with the evolution of the internet. You will be introduced with the types of campaign to be run while analysing a brand and will be explained in brief with different modules.


You will be provided a Pay per click Certificate on completion of the course. Want to accelerate your career in Digital Marketing? Make no delay and enroll in our best PPC courses that let you gain in-demand Digital Marketing skills and start your successful career.

People who learned from us

People who has taken my PPC course and are working with esteemed brands and making them grow widely. My mission is to help people success by giving them the skills to build their own businesses and careers.

About Faculty

10+ years of expertise managing successful Google Ads campaigns in the digital marketing sector in Ahmedabad. I establish and oversee Google Ads campaigns for customers all over the world. Developing successful Paid Ads account that delivers stable conversions and tremendous return on investment takes time and effort. Instant fame is a fallacy. I have experience handling accounts with substantial budgets and I am knowledgeable about Google Grant Campaigns. I often carry out audits on active campaigns, revealing areas for development.


I currently provide consulting services to companies of all kinds, developing and implementing digital strategies to achieve diverse marketing objectives. Some of these marketing goals include:

Product Sales

Lead Generation

ROI Optimization

New Customer Revenue Growth

Brand Awareness


As a strategist, I am able to evaluate brand positioning and develop integrated marketing strategies that are conversion-focused, which has assisted me in generating 8X to 10X Revenue. To the best of my ability, you might find me always happy to assist aspiring digital marketers.

a Certified
PPC Professional