So, you are running PPC campaigns and your outcomes are wide-ranging at best. One day, your PPC campaigns might bring in a good chunk of prospects and leads, but another day it is not offering sufficient results and falls dormant.

You might think what to do further? Why is it result-oriented one day and not the other? Well, there are a lot of criteria that can enable your PPC ad campaign.

Google is always keen on rewarding those ads which offer a good user experience. If yours isn’t one of them, it won’t deliver you long-term business gains. This scenario is where Google ads extensions come in. They are pretty handy and helpful for all types of businesses. Let’s explore them further.

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What is Google Ads Extension?

As the name suggests, these Google ads extensions are the expansions of your ad. In general, Google Ad extensions add further information about your business to the primary body of your text ad.

Here is an example of a normal ad –

Ads-Without-ExtensionHere below is an ad with extensions –


Why Use Google Ads Extensions? Top Benefits

There are multiple benefits that businesses can gain with the help of these Google ads extensions.

  1. Better Ad Rank: The ads with pertinent information, excellent quality, and extensions consistently be ranked better than usual. As per Google, the significant factors that play a major role when assessing your ad rank include bid amount thresholds, Ad quality levels, CTR, landing page, precise device, explicit time of day and Ad extension effect.
  2. Increases Click-Through Rate: Click-through rate is an essential aspect for ad publishers. When you use these ad extensions, it will help taking up more space, gives you a chance to add more texts, and in the end, it will also help in better ad ranking.With all of these factors combined, you will see an increase in the click-through rate. As the click-through rate increases, the cost per click will be decreased, and you will pay a lot less than usual for the ads. This scenario will help in bringing better results and saving money too.
  3. Increased Space on SERP: Every business would want to have more space on the search engine result page. However, it won’t be possible because Google will show the snippet of your ad, and that will be it.But when you opt for the Google ads extension, you will get a chance to occupy more space on the search engine page. You can take the example that has been mentioned in the above section. The first ad has just three lines, whereas the second has six lines, including contact information.
  4. Increased Ad Text & More Qualified Leads: Providing your location or contact information in ads is pretty advantageous for your customers. They will know about these details even before clicking on your website link. This scenario will help increase your Ad text, in turn, saving your advertisement viewer’s time and efforts to find details they require.

Adding this information to your standard ad will not be possible. However, you can do this with Google Ads Extensions. Just enter the relevant information, and you can use those extensions while creating comprehensive ad campaigns.

Subsequently, when customers have more data and information at their disposal, they will check your website only if they think your business fit their requirement. This scenario improves and enhances the quality of the leads.

So, with Google ads, you will be giving a lot of information to the user upfront. This scenario will help them know about your brand quickly, even before clicking the link and offer more qualified leads.


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What should be the Goal of the Extension?

The main goal of the Google ads extension is to provide as much information as possible for the audience to better connect. Providing the correct and precise information at the right time to the right audience is the main motto behind these Google ads extensions.

Top 10 Google Ad Extensions to use in 2022

1. Sitelink Extension:

As the name suggests, it can help add the links to all other pages present on your website. When users click them, these links will redirect them to other pages on your website or specific pages like your product’s pricing page. The most result-oriented web pages for sitelinks comprise contact us pages, testimonial pages, discounts and offers pages.

For eCommerce websites, you have many more preferences for sending clients to diverse category pages. However, you have to make sure that your directed pages have enough content before linking them to a particular extension.

This extension inspires your user base to select where they would like to go rather of having them exploring merely your home page or landing page when they directly click on your result.
These are mainly valuable when someone searches for your brand name right on Google.
Please think about it.

Sitelink-ExtensionWhen some user searches for “buy automation software for SMS,” you already know what they’ are exploring to do, so you don’t require the added links.

However, when a user searches for your brand name, what are their intents? There is no approach to know. Your speculation is as upright as mine.

So, having added links in your AdWords outcome enables searchers to navigate your site swiftly right from the SERP.

2. Callout Extension:

You can use callout extension to provide the quality insights for your business, services and targeted products. Make sure to have crisp and exciting lines to add out in this extension.

Callout-ExtensionYou can utilize this extension to say a diversity of diverse things. You can enable it to explain the sorts of products you provide, market an exclusive deal you presently have going, or call out your precise target market.

If you explain and tell them all that, you won’t merely get their consideration. You will directly win their click.

3. Structured Snippets Extension:

You will get to give a sneak-peak into specific categories or products in this structured snippet. Ensure to highlight a product on sale on your site using these structured snippets. You have to use at least two snippets per heading, and ideally, four snippets would be beneficial.

The objective of this snippet is to enlighten to customers the category and type of products, styles, or services you provide.

Structured-Snippet-ExtensionYou can swiftly list a few diverse choices that visitors will have if they click through to your site. Question yourself this: what precisely is it that you provide? Is it software, clothing, electronic products or sunglasses?

Whatever it is, comprise that information in your structured snippet.

With this approach, searchers will know who you are and what you provide prior to they even explore your site.

If individuals know who you are and what you provide, you won’t merely get clicks. You will get the correct and precise clicks.

4. Image Extension:

Compelling visuals are always attractive than text, and there is no denial to that fact. With image extension, you can add stunning pictures in your Google ad to get more traction and seem attractive to the audience.


When your image extension is showcased on the Google search results page, probable consumers are displayed your headlines, product descriptions, product URL and the product image.

This extension helps you bring more clicks on your advertisement.

5. Call Extension:

This provides an option to give your business contact number directly in the ad. There is no more hassle around connecting with you; your target customer can call you directly by seeing your ad on Google.

By adding the call button, you convey consumers that you are merely a phone call away, which creates reliability and makes you feel more flexible to be contacted.


Without it, you will make your prospects frustrated and you would even lose their focus on the business.

So, if you don’t use this extension, you run the risk of annoying customers prior to they even connect with you.

6. Location Extension:

If you have any business which requires footfalls or sharing a specific location (showing you are a local service provider or PAN India Company) gains trust of your targeted users, this is an effective strategy. by, this is a must.

Location-ExtensionThis extension will provide your location on the map in the ad; once the user clicks on your address, the map will direct them to your store.

It is effective to include your business address on your result, and it will generate more reliability that you will craft with more searchers.

It is a must extension for professional business owners and online marketers.

7. Affiliate Location Extension:

If your brand is affiliated with any other store to sell your products, you can add their location using this affiliate location extension. They will get a map of the area.


This will enable the consumer to make an online product purchase or reach that place to buy the product.

The benefit here is that you are offering customers choices, to purchase online from you or in-store nearby them. Affiliate location extensions are ideal for product manufacturers.

8. Price Extension:

With price extension, you can inform the charges of a particular product or service in your ad upfront. This scenario will help in setting clear expectations for your targeted audience.
Enable price extensions if you:

– Have flexible pricing

– Several services package

– Multiple SKUs

Price-ExtensionSimilar to structured snippet extensions, Google offers you a series of selections to pick from for the category of product or service you are selling.

9. App Extension:

If you target an audience to download your mobile app, adding it as an extension will be of great advantage. Opening the App Store or Play Store to download an app is nothing but an annoyance. You can remove all those issues with this app extension.

App-ExpensionSo, you should reflect utilizing this extension if you have a devoted app for mobile phones. Your visitors, prospects, and consumers will surely prefer using it.

10. Promotion Extension:

Promotions and sales are a great way to grab eyeballs quickly. Let your explicit target audience know that you are running a promotion on your store by mentioning it in the ad.


Google is quite flexible with how you execute and apply this precise extension.

Select to showcase the extensions on precise dates, days, or hours, or pick pre-populated event-based tags, such as Black Friday.

They are simple to toggle on and off, and you won’t have to make a fresh advertisement to enable and do so.

Infographic on Top Google Ads Extension to use in 2022


Key Takeaways:

Google ad extensions are a valuable and effective way to communicate with your customers. If you are planning for PPC Service, make sure to add these extensions. You cannot go wrong with them, and they are free.

So, why not create more engagement and traction for your website. If you need assistance to manage all of your extensions, you must subscribe to our website for more insights or directly connect with us at HND Solutions.

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